My Services


Sheet Metal 

 I fabricate and install duct systems, duct system change outs and do duct repair service.


Duct System Designs

Regular and Spiral Duct Systems. Systems must be properly designed to produce the proper result by getting an even temperature throughout the whole house within 1 degree. Improper duct systems can give you room temperatures that can vary between 5 - 12 degrees difference. SPIDER SYSTEMS DO NOT WORK. THEREFORE I DO NOT INSTALL SPIDER SYSTEMS. Spider systems are systems with 3 - 5 feet of duct and flex all over the place. I do not use flex runs longer than 5 feet to maximize the airflow of all our runs.


System Service’s

Preventive maintenance = cleaning coils, checking blower belt adjustments or replacing belts and pulleys. Checking over all of the electrical components in the HVAC equipment. Checking all of the electrical terminals for tight and good connections. Look for worn out contactors, bad capacitors. Check amperage on all motors in the systems. Adjust amperages when possible to match their nameplate amperage to get maximum life out of your motors.


 We install Boilers for hot water or steam, Baseboard Radiators, Forced Hot Air Systems, Mini Split Systems Ducted and Ductless, Air Handlers and Condensers for Regular and Heat Pumps.

All systems are designed custom to your home to deliver the proper air flow to all rooms to maxamize your comfort